Rui “Obsession” Cardoso

Rui is our Lead Developer working on Manifest Destiny. He’s currently finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science while developing in his free time. His favorite games are Half-Life, The Talos Principle, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Simão “Tankquilizer” Amaral

Simão is the Lead Writer and game designer of the project. He’s currently learning how to program and with the help of Obsession he plans to also develop some basic systems of the game. He loves RPGs, namely Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas and The Witcher III.


Charlie is working alongside Simão on the story of Manifest Destiny. He’s been a tremendous help on revising characters and concepts as well as creating his own characters.  He loves all things Fallout and shares a passion for storytelling.

Pedro “KennedyToole” Cantoneiro

Pedro, unlike everyone else, is not a gamer. He loves to read and he loves good stories. Being Simão’s bestie, it’s only natural he helps with the story of the game.

João “jestan” Santos

João is our pixel artist. He started messing with pixel art two years ago and has developed a prodigious skill in that medium. He loves the Hitman series as well as DOOM.

Ethan “WKR” Walker

Ethan is our music and sound designer/composer. He has been playing music for around seven years and has just recently started production. After finishing his first year of university, Ethan is all aboard for Manifest Destiny as a fun project to take part in!