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Website Launch & General Update

Website Launch & General Update

Hey everyone,

Welcome to Manifest Destiny’s official website! We apologize for not updating you sooner but we have been busy. It’s exam season for our lead programmer Obsession which, unfortunately, took a lot of his free time to work on the game. On my end, I’ve been working with jestan, our artist, to create some very important assets. The first town that you start the game in is almost complete visually thanks to jestan’s incredible talent!

I’ve also outlined most of the major factions that we plan to include in the game as well as writing key characters that you will meet. This was possible with the help of Charlie and KennedyToole.

There are currently four planned factions that you will be able to interact with and join. If your convictions don’t align with theirs you can undermine their efforts and ultimately, destroy them.

That is all for today, thank you for following our project. We can’t wait to show you footage.