What is Manifest Destiny?

Manifest Destiny is a 2D RPG set in our rendition of 1856 California. The player will be able to create a character and guide them through various locations and plots. Actions will influence how people engage you.

How far along are you in development?

We are very early in development. We are working towards creating a proof of concept so we can show everybody what we’ve been doing thus far.

Do I have permission to speak about or post videos on various platforms such as YouTube?

Yes, we encourage content creators to speak about Manifest Destiny. You’re free to monetize videos that feature Manifest Destiny. Once we have a public build released, you are allowed to show footage.

How is Manifest Destiny being created?

We are using Unity’s engine to realize our dream. All of the coding is being done in C# and we are also using other tools such as World Anvil to create the story and characters.

Do you have a Discord?